Carlo reached out to me fall of 2021 with a very promising opportunity.
I was immediately refreshed by his enthusiasm and knowledge about the
industry. It’s always nice to work with someone who is passionate about
what they do. I was excited about the opportunity, but ultimately I
decided it was not the right time for a transition. I was worried about
delivering this news to Carlo, but fortunately he received it with
kindness and understanding. We stayed in touch. A few months later, we
reconnected about the same position. I believed I had missed my window
for this amazing opportunity, but Carlo was persistent. He reached out
to me to let me know the opportunity was still available when I was
ready to make the transition. This time around, I was ready and willing
to take the leap. I trusted Carlo as my liaison during my recruiting
process. I ended up with an offer that far exceeded any of my
expectations. Carlo’s communication skills, patience, and consistency is
A the reason I that I got my dream job!